Barman: You look handsome, sir!
Eu: Say what?!
Barman: You look handsome, sir.
Eu (incercand sa ma vizualizez, ca sa inteleg ce-i asa de handsome in faptul ca-s in jeansi, tricou, cu ochelarii de soare pe cap si esarfa “de umblat prin tarile calde” la gat, ori in faptul ca stau tolanit pe o canapea cu laptopul si cu o bere in fata): Haha! Are you flirting with me?
Barman: No, sir, not at all. I was just reckoning.
Eu: Cool. Thank you! I have never been told that by a man.

Wtf was that?! Nevermind, m-a amuzat.